Reality for Good, not Bad..

11 May

Recently, while I was mindlessly searching the web for volunteering events and such, I discovered Volunteer Nation. According to their website, “Volunteer Nation is a new video series that celebrates the passion of extraordinary Americans who take action through service, volunteerism, and civic engagement.” This series will get up close and personal with volunteers from all over the country, and share their stories. I’m not sure when the first episode will be released, but I’m looking forward to watching.

Click here to watch the Season One Trailer!

Not that I don’t enjoy reality shows like ‘For the Love of Ray J‘ or ‘Tough Love’. Because really, I do. Probably too much. But I’d much rather watch the REAL reality of Volunteer Nation and see how other people are affecting the world around them in a positive way, than watch Steve Ward dole out tough love to 8 desperate women via a game of touch football.


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