NYC’s First Chief Service Officer

16 Jun

This past week, Mayor Bloomberg announced the appointment of Diahann Billings-Burford  as New York’s first Chief Service Officer. She will lead NYC Service, the city’s program focused on promoting volunteerism, which includes nearly 40 initiatives to be implemented and overseen by Billings-Burford. “The goal of NYC Service is to let loose an army of volunteers who will help tackle our biggest challenges — which have only become more pressing during this national recession,” the mayor said. This is all a part of Mayor Bloomberg’s (and his administration’s) master plan to make New York City the easiest place in the country to volunteer.

To read more about the new Chief Service Officer, check out the link below to Amy Potthast’s article from The New Service:

“Mayor Bloomberg Appoints a City Year Staffer as NYC’s First Chief Service Officer” – Amy Potthast of

Or, read the full mayoral press release by clicking here


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