Cynthia Nixon Pledges 24 in 2010

18 Dec

Yesterday I braved the cold (along with a lot of other people) to watch the unveiling of WE Volunteer’s mobile resolution trailer, the latest addition to the WE Empowers Women campaign. Standing on Military Island in Times Square, Cynthia Nixon -along with WE tv’s Kim Martin- pledged 24 hours of volunteer service to the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) in 2010. As their spokeswoman and veteran volunteer, I’m sure Mrs. Nixon will be giving way more than the minimum 24.

Cynthia Nixon: actress, mother, and volunteer

Also on hand to help unveil the WE Volunteer mobile unit were a group of NYC public school students, three of whom spoke about the success of AQE and their excitement for the future of the organization and WE Volunteer. The eldest of the student speakers, Jeremy Gonzalez (18), a recent graduate of Franklin K. Lane HS in Brooklyn and current student at LaGuardia Community College, currently works with the Urban Youth Collaborative. He noted that UYC encourages kids and teens to succeed, and that “college is possible” for everyone. Jeremy was the most animated 18-year-old public speaker I’ve ever listened to, and added a very sincere, honest element to the event.

You can join Cynthia and pledge your own 24 in 2010 by visiting the WE Volunteer website. You just have to enter some contact information and choose an organization you’ll be dedicating your time to. As the year progresses, you can log and track your volunteer hours on the website, as well as share your experiences with fellow pledges. Added bonus: when you pledge, you’ll be entered into WE tv’s “Chic in the City Sweepstakes” to win a trip for two to NYC, attend a highly anticipated red-carpet premiere and afterparty, two nights in a boutique hotel, dinner at an NYC hotspot and $500 shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue. It doesn’t say on the website, but if you add up the clues (Cynthia Nixon is filming a new movie, sweepstakes named ‘Chic in the City’, Saks has a huge shoe department, Carrie Bradshaw loves shoes), I’d guess that the movie premiere will be Sex in the City 2…

For more information about WE Volunteer, you can read my previous post about the event or visit their website. I’ve posted some photos of the event below but if you want more, visit Women on the Web for photos and coverage.

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According to their website, the Alliance for Quality Education has become New York state’s lead community-based organization in the fight for high quality public education since it’s inception in 2000. “Working with all stakeholders, but emphasizing the involvement of parents and youth, AQE combines leadership development, community organizing, electronic activism, extensive media relations, policy work, and lobbying within a cohesive campaign for fundamental education reform.”


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