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PS 45 Gets A Makeover

2 Nov

Last Saturday, Team Give and Get once again participated in New York Cares Day. This year we headed to Bushwick, Brooklyn to give the kids at PS 45 a colorful new playground makeover. Arriving at 930am, we had a quick breakfast (provided by the school, which was totally awesome), and then headed outside to paint drab old benches and faded line games. Around 12:30pm we stopped to have lunch (again, provided by the school), and then spent the remainder of the day doing touch ups and cleaning up our mess. Take a look at the slide show below to see how everything turned out!


Click for more pictures!

I would like to thank those who came out to support New York Cares with me: Jason Kahan, McKenzie Mahoney, Meghan Dockery, Paul Costa and Zoe Schweitzer. These guys always make it out for Team Give and Get events, and I really appreciate it. Painting and cleaning for hours is always a little more fun when you’re in good company!