Growing Pains

20 Mar

Hello readers,

You might have stumbled on this site through a google search, or perhaps you were trying to reach and were re-directed here. In any case, welcome. Have a seat.

This site has been up for four years now and continues to prove itself as a solid resource for people looking to volunteer in New York City. Last year, I attempted a spin-off of sorts called Give & Get Events, which was dedicated solely to the sharing of non-profit events, fundraisers, and group projects. And in keeping with the tradition of spin-offs, it didn’t really work out so well. It split my readership and just generally didn’t function as well as I wanted it to. I was disappointed but it was a learning experience that will ultimately benefit you all- my readers!

For that reason, I’ve decided to reassess and rebuild Give & Get NYC. In a few short weeks, you’ll be seeing a new site that will include the best of both worlds: that wacky spin-off character you loved (G&G Events) will play a bigger role-with all your favorite characters from the original G&G NYC- and end it’s solo career. The “Spotlight Series” of interviews, non-profit highlights, and event reviews will continue to add depth to the site, and an events calendar on the front page will be chock full of do-good fun times submitted by NYC non-profits themselves.

I’m sorry I strayed, but I hope you’ll stick around to see the final product. In the meantime, a less-cool-but-still-totally-functional event calendar has been added to the sidebar on the right so that no one missed out on the spring gardening projects, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities. Please email to add events, get in touch, offer words of wisdom, support, or ask questions.

My Best,


Founder, Give and Get NYC


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