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“Do Some Good While Doing Some Bad”

10 Jan

I just came across a post on one of my favorite booze blogs, NY Barfly, and wanted to pass on to my G&G readers. In contrast to the events that I typically post here or even have myself, that allow people to attend and have a good time while giving back, NY Barfly has found a site that lets you give back without leaving the comfort of your own home:

“…what if you can’t make it out of the house (or, if you really, really want to stay in and watch that Jersey Shore marathon that’s playing)? Our friends over at Liquor.com have the solution – they’ve rounded up a selection of hooches that give back. For example, Death’s Door distillery donates a portion of their proceeds to local environmental groups (in addition to using local and organic ingredients to make their labels).” -NY Barfly

To see the full list of world-saving spirits, click here. Don’t forget to cheers to charity!