NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays, Again!

29 Nov

I’m very excited to announce that Give and Get NYC will once again be participating in the second annual NYC Bloggers ‘Do the Holidays’ group post. On Wednesday, December 1st, some of New York’s top bloggers will join forces to unleash a flurry of holiday tips and tidbits, from history and children’s activities, to shopping, music, art and more! We have some new bloggers this year, including:  This Is FYF , Markets of New York , Eater’s Digest , A Child Grows , and Art Fag City .

For an idea of what to expect, check out last year’s bloggers:

Brooklyn Based: Home for the Holidays
Give and Get NYC: Tis The Season to Volunteer
the improvised life: unwrapping the holidays
Patell & Waterman’s History of NY: A little history with your holidays
The Strong Buzz: Holiday Eats Old and New
WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: Happy Freakin’ Holidays Playlist
Walking Off the Big Apple: The Thin Man Walk

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