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Pantry Party=Success!

21 Jun

For those who don’t know, last week I hosted a Pantry Party to benefit City Harvest’s Feed the Kids food drive. I think everyone had a good time, judging by the number of Pickle Back shots I saw delivered to our tables. Best of all, I received almost three times the amount of donations I had expected; the final tally came to over 150lbs! All of the donations were picked up by City Harvest and will help to feed thousands of NYC kids who don’t always have enough to eat, especially in the upcoming summer months.  Thanks again to everyone who came out and donated, and a special thanks to Rob at Whiskey Tavern for hosting the event and hooking us up with some great discounts!

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Fun and Somewhat Relevant Facts:

  • Beans were another popular donation, and luckily, our British friend Paul wasn’t in town that night to steal them. Apparently, those Brits love their beans: In 2009, 800 million tins were eaten in the UK. Considering that the second most prolific country was Australia, who ate a measly 60 million cans, it’s clear that our beans would have been in jeopardy had Paul been able to attend.
  • A Pickle Back shot is a shot of Jameson whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle juice. Sound gross? Don’t knock it til’ you try it-they’re surprisingly delicious.

This event was the first of many that Give & Get NYC will be hosting in the coming months. I want to provide young professionals in NYC a way to get together for a few drinks and a good cause without breaking the bank. If you have any suggestions for venues or donations, please comment or email me-I’m always open to new ideas. Be on the look-out for another party invite coming in mid-August!

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If you missed the party but still want to donate to City Harvest, visit their website to find out how.


Pantry Party at Whiskey Tavern

1 Jun

Give and Get NYC will be hosting a Pantry Party on June 12th at 6:30pm. Bring at least 3 non-perishable food donations (from your pantry..or the supermarket-your choice). In return, you’ll get three tickets that are each good for $1 off any drink, or $3 off any pitcher of beer. You can’t combine the tickets, so stay for a while and have a few drinks on the back patio while you eat some fried pickles and tater tots. Yes, tater tots.
All donations will be going towards City Harvest’s ‘Feed the Kids’ food drive. It’s going to be a tough summer for hundreds of thousands of NYC kids who don’t always have enough to eat – a number that is growing. The food you bring on June 12th will help to ensure that emergency food programs are fully stocked this summer. Below are some suggestions of the most needed foods, but anything non-perishable will do.

* canned fruit
* canned vegetables
* peanut butter (plastic jars)
* mac and cheese (packaged)
* hot and cold cereal (packaged, family-sized)

Please RSVP on the Give and Get NYC Facebook Page, or by emailing info@giveandgetnyc.com (subject line PANTRY PARTY) so that I know how many awesome donations to expect. If you invite friends, pass along this link so they can RSVP individually too.. Hope to see you there!

Whiskey Tavern is located at 79 Baxter St. You can take the R, Q, N, W, or 6 to Canal or 4, 5, J, M, Z to Brooklyn Bridge.