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Save The Date: Pantry Party on August 1st

15 Jul

Save the date for Give & Get NYC’s upcoming Pantry Party to benefit the West Side Campaign Against Hunger!

PantryPartyFlyer2013On August 1st, head uptown to Prohibition at 503 Columbus Avenue (between 84th and 85th) at 6:30pm. Anyone who brings food donations with them to help fill the WSCAH Pantry will receive drink specials until 9pm.

Through a supermarket-style food pantry, the WSCAH alleviates hunger and creates a culture of self-reliance by providing food with dignity. They also provide wellness and cooking programs, in addition to counseling, to ensure all avenues of support are being explored and provided to clients. Located on West 86th Street, they serve low-income residents from all 5 boroughs regardless of household size or immigration status.


If you’re unable to attend and would like to donate, you can do so by clicking here. Until then, start shopping for these much-needed, healthy pantry items:

  • Dried beans
  • Canned beans, low sodium
  • Brown or white rice
  • Pasta, especially whole grain
  • Hot cereal
    • Oatmeal
    • Cream of wheat
    • Grits
  • Cold cereal
    • Bran flakes
    • Cheerios
    • Other low-sugar, high-fiber options
  • Crackers, low sodium, high-fiber
  • Bread, 100% whole wheat
  • Canned fruit, packed in juice or water
  • Applesauce, no sugar added
  • Dried fruit, no sugar addedLogo big
  • Canned vegetables, low sodium
  • Spaghetti sauce, low sodium
  • Salsa, low sodium
  • Canned chicken, low sodium in water
  • Canned fish, packed in water
    • Tuna
    • Salmon
    • Mackerel
    • Sardines
  • Milk, boxed or shelf stable, low fat
  • Milk, powdered, low fat
  • Milk, evaporated, low fat
  • Bottled water and other low-sugar beverages
  • Tea and coffee
  • Toiletries

DO: Give generously. Give foods you would serve to your family.

DON’T: Give anything expired, open, or damaged. Give something you wouldn’t eat.


Brooklyn’s Largest Potluck for God’s Love

11 May

This Saturday May 14th, I’ll be joining forces with my good friend Mckenzie from the MMMGuide.com to throw one of Brooklyn’s Largest Potluck parties!

The event will raise money for God’s Love We Deliver, an organization founded over 25 years ago when one woman began delivering food on her bicycle to a man dying from AIDS, and which now cooks 3,600 meals each weekday, delivering them to clients living with life-altering illnesses throughout the Tri-State area.

This Saturday, we’ll be serving up some delicious main dishes of our own on a rooftop in Prospect Heights and asking our guests to bring a side dish, dessert, or beverage of their liking for everyone to share, as well as a $15 donation. Everyone will receive a raffle ticket which will enter them for a chance to win one of many fantastic prizes donated by and for some of our favorite NYC locals like The Meatball Shop, Living Free NYC, iCi Restaurant, and more! Additional tickets can be purchased, with 100% of the proceeds from the entire event going directly to God’s Love We Deliver.

Interested in attending? We’d love to have you! Just email me (Rachel) at giveandgetnyc@gmail.com or McKenzie at themmmguide@gmail.com to RSVP and obtain that vital piece of info you’ll need in order to attend: Where’s the potluck party at?!

Many thanks to our generous supporters who have donated products or raffle items to the event:

You Are Cordially Invited to the Pants Party

2 Feb

Its a new year, but Give & Get NYC is still doing the same old thing: bringing people together for a good time and a good cause. This time I’ll be hosting a Pants Party on February 9th at Stout, and you’re all invited. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Bring a pair of new or gently worn jeans to Stout (133 West 33rd Street) on Feb 9th at 6:30.
2. Put jeans wherever I tell you to upon arrival.
3. Enjoy drinks with other people who brought jeans.
4. Play some darts.
5. Go home at ?:00.

After everyone has completed Steps 1-5, I will be taking the jeans to be donated to homeless teens/young adults in NYC. Your closet is cleaner, and some kid is going to look fly in their new denim. Win-win.

I got the idea for this party from an organization called DoSomething, a website that encourages teenagers and youth to take action in their communities and DO SOMETHING, by providing an online forum for volunteer opportunities, age-specific seed grants and more (Check out the website-it’s really cool). They’re currently running their 4th Annual ‘Teens for Jeans‘ contest; teens will collect jeans between January 17 and February 13th to be collected and donated to local homeless shelters by Aeropostale. Even though this contest is for teens, the donation drive is for anyone with a pair of gently used or new jeans they want to donate; just drop them off at any participating retail store (call ahead to confirm participation) and you’ll get a coupon for 25% off your next purchase.

So, you are cordially invited to the Pants Party.

Email info@giveandgetnyc.org with any questions. And please join Give and Get NYC on Facebook and RSVP!


UPDATE: Anyone who donates jeans will be entered into a raffle to win tickets to The Addams Family on Broadway!!

Pantry Party=Success!

21 Jun

For those who don’t know, last week I hosted a Pantry Party to benefit City Harvest’s Feed the Kids food drive. I think everyone had a good time, judging by the number of Pickle Back shots I saw delivered to our tables. Best of all, I received almost three times the amount of donations I had expected; the final tally came to over 150lbs! All of the donations were picked up by City Harvest and will help to feed thousands of NYC kids who don’t always have enough to eat, especially in the upcoming summer months.  Thanks again to everyone who came out and donated, and a special thanks to Rob at Whiskey Tavern for hosting the event and hooking us up with some great discounts!

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Fun and Somewhat Relevant Facts:

  • Beans were another popular donation, and luckily, our British friend Paul wasn’t in town that night to steal them. Apparently, those Brits love their beans: In 2009, 800 million tins were eaten in the UK. Considering that the second most prolific country was Australia, who ate a measly 60 million cans, it’s clear that our beans would have been in jeopardy had Paul been able to attend.
  • A Pickle Back shot is a shot of Jameson whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle juice. Sound gross? Don’t knock it til’ you try it-they’re surprisingly delicious.

This event was the first of many that Give & Get NYC will be hosting in the coming months. I want to provide young professionals in NYC a way to get together for a few drinks and a good cause without breaking the bank. If you have any suggestions for venues or donations, please comment or email me-I’m always open to new ideas. Be on the look-out for another party invite coming in mid-August!

Join Give and Get on Facebook!

If you missed the party but still want to donate to City Harvest, visit their website to find out how.